My precious boy Max will turn 8 on February 5, 2017 and every day since 11/11/11 when I adopted him gets better.
His story goes something like this:  after 1 ½ years in the hands of an Oklahoma backyard breeder who had finally run out of funds to feed the dogs, seeing the condition of Max and several other Shelties, Arizona Sheltie Rescue felt they had to step in. Max was fostered for a year because his foster Dad, also the head of the Rescue, couldn’t find that special family for him after his very rough start, crowded into a chain link kennel, being roughly treated by men thus a fear jumper, EXTREMELY shy, not leash trained, preferred being outside, not cuddly and wary of other dogs.
In the meantime I’d had to finally say goodbye to my beloved almost 20 year old Lhasa Apso mix, Black Jack about 1 ½ years earlier after extensive hospice care and just wasn’t sure I was ready for another dog yet. My facebook friend Mel Freer sang the praises of Shelties and so I investigated, very quickly falling helplessly in love with Max through PetFinder in spite of his sad photos. It took some doing to get him here and it’s taken some doing to begin to see him happy, but I can’t imagine how we could have been a better match. I’m way beyond grateful every single day!
Thank you AZ Sheltie Rescue and all those involved in his care and helping choose me.
Judy Nelson and Max

​Bailey Bug


Bailey came to live with us in 2009. He was two years old. We thought that he could be friends and a playmate for our then four year old Sheltie, but he became more attached to our nine year old female, Tess. Bailey became my shadow, always near. He slept next to my side of the bed and if I left the house, he waited in the kitchen until I returned. Always happy to see us. We called him "bug" because he darted around like a water bug. Always smiling.

He learned Agility and visited a memory care facility. He was the best behaved, best walker we have had. The first time we took him on a two mile walk, we had to carry him home. His paws were still puppy pink, obviously he had never been on any long walks. The first week that we had him, he jumped the wall to chase a rabbit. I went to the gate and yelled his name, he came running back around the corner and down the path to sit directly in front of me at attention. What a good boy!

He learned to travel with us and the pack in the motorhome. We went all over and he loved traveling because he loved being part of the family. And we loved him. So very much.

Bailey got sick on New Years Eve 2018. We took him to the Emergency vet, never expecting our time together was at an end. Forever in our hearts.