Lilly is a 13 year old female oversized blue merle sheltie that was recently returned to our rescue when her owners died and other family members were unable to take her in.  As you can imagine from her age she is a pretty low-key girl and appreciates a quieter home.  In her foster home she has gotten attached to her new fosters and routinely follows them around the house but is fine when they are gone.  The foster parents almost feel guilty walking around and her getting up.  She has been ok around most of the other dogs but occasionally you will see the “lip” from her.  We think she would be fine around cats.  She would probably not be much fun around kids and you certainly don’t want to startle or move her as she can be “grouchy” about that.  She is not much of a barker and she is housetrained.  She is currently on thyroid meds to help with her coat and on some pain meds for her arthritis.  As mentioned, she would be best in a quieter home without stairs and even a smaller place or apartment.  She just needs a loving home to spend the rest of her time.

Thor is a 6 month old mix weighing 11.9 lbs and is probably full grown. He came from a Shelter in El Paso, TX. His DNA results have him listed as 50% Poodle, 25% Chihuahua, and 25% Yorkshire Terrier. He is about 98% housebroken. Loves belly rubs and cuddling. He is a playful puppy and enjoys children. Fetch is a favorite pass time.

Thor has been on medical hold because of a restricted pulmonary valve which will be surgical fixed

June 20. Thor will then be ready for a foster to adopt situation because he will need a six month checkup. This surgery will never need to be repeated. He is a very loving puppy looking for his forever home.

Dougie was turned over to us by a young family in early January 2017, that could no longer care for him. We thought we could help this very cute, 4 year old, sheltie mix, only knowing that he supposedly has seizures about once a month. Once we got Dougie we soon found he had more problems than seizures and was terrified of his new surroundings and foster family for the first few days and would stay in his crate to feel safe, he revolted in charging and trying to bite them when he was afraid. After a short period of time Dougie made a complete turnaround with his foster mom and dad and wants to be close to them, he loves to be petted and cuddled with. He loves to do tricks and play chase, he is very smart and food motivated once he's comfortable with you. He does not do well with visitors and is very reactive and has to be leashed or crated, although he has also accepted a family member that visits frequently, so he can learn to trust with time and patience. He was in an apartment most his life and can use a piddle pad if left indoors but he has learned to use the dog door at his foster home. He rides well in a car and likes to go places with you, he does pull on leash. Dougie is okay with other dogs but can be dominant over food and treats, we are unsure about cats. Dougie will need a home with an experienced handler and no children. Dougie is on phenobarbital for his seizures and is believed to be healthy, neutered, he has had all his vaccines and is micro-chipped.