Buddy is a new arrival. He is doing well at his foster home. He gets along fine with other dogs. He has had a tough go of it including getting attacked by a pit bull and not receiving vet treatment for his injuries. He bears a scar to prove it. Despite that, he is a quiet friendly senior who needs lots of TLC. More info as we evaluate him but he deserves lots of love going forward!

​Dougie was turned over to us by a young family in  that could no longer care for him. We thought we could help this very cute, 4 year old, sheltie mix, only knowing that he supposedly has seizures about once a month. Once we got Dougie we soon found he had more problems than seizures and was terrified of his new surroundings and foster family for the first few days. He would stay in his crate to feel safe, he revolted in charging and trying to bite them when he was afraid. After a short period of time Dougie made a complete turnaround with his foster mom and dad and wants to be close to them, he loves to be petted and cuddled. He loves to do tricks and play chase. He is very smart and food motivated once he's comfortable with you. He does not do well with visitors and is very reactive so he still has to be leashed or crated at this point and time. He was in an apartment most his life and can use a piddle pad if left indoors but he has learned to use the dog door at his foster home. He rides well in a car and likes to go places with you, he does pull on leash. Dougie is okay with other dogs but can be dominant over food and treats, we are unsure about cats. Dougie will need a home with an experienced handler and no children. Dougie has not had a seizure since in our care, that we know of and is believed to be healthy, neutered, he has had all his vaccines and is micro-chipped.​

Rocky is a delightful in size 10 year old sheltie that was returned to our program by his prior adopter.  That adopter had a job change and was in frequent travel status.  Rocky is a very laid back and so far, very quiet, sheltie.  He is very sweet and gets along well with the other household shelties and cats.  He is somewhat sight and hearing impaired but does well.  What a cutie.  He will be getting a dental prior to adoption. 

C​ody was found on a highway in the Winslow Arizona area, frightened and labeled a fear biter by the local animal control. Our volunteers went and got him on January 28th, 2017. We have now had Cody for several weeks and he has become extremely loyal and affectionate to his foster mom and dad and likes people visiting and literally demands your attention, he loves to be petted and cuddled. Cody's label as a fear biter comes when when people whom he doesn't know, try to handle him, or in situations he's unsure about, like the groomer, vet, etc., in those situations he has had to be muzzled for his and their safety. For these reasons Cody should only go to a home that has experience with behavioral issues and no children. He is house trained and uses a doggy door, rides well in the car and loves to go with you, he can be an escape artist when you are leaving home and he wants to go, this might be how he became a stray. He does know sit, walks well on leash and is quite smart and food motivated. He is good with other dogs, we are unsure about cats, but it's likely he might be. Cody is believed to be about 5 years old and in good health, current on vaccines and micro-chipped.​