Grayson is new to our rescue and is a stray from the Maricopa County Animal Control.  He is estimated to be around 8-9 years old and is a neutered male.  He is believed to be a sheltie mix as, for instance, his head is much “blockier” than would be expected with a purebred.  He is a “stout” little guy at a little over 23 pounds and could stand to lose a few.  We are just getting to know him.  He is doing well around the other dogs and we suspect that he will be fine around pets.  Possibly an older child companion as he does seem to want to hang around but younger kids would probably be too much for him.  We are evaluating him for personality, housetraining and obedience and will update you soon.

​Dougie was turned over to us by a young family in  that could no longer care for him. We thought we could help this very cute, 4 year old, sheltie mix, only knowing that he supposedly has seizures about once a month. Dougie had now been on an inexpensive medication for his seizures and is doing better.  He is still timid but is making progress when he gets to know you. He rides well in a car and likes to go places with you, he does pull on leash. Dougie is okay with other dogs but can be dominant over food and treats, we are unsure about cats. Dougie will need a home with an experienced handler and no children. Dougie has not had a seizure since in our care, that we know of and is believed to be healthy, neutered, he has had all his vaccines and is micro-chipped.​