What to expect if you are adopting from AZ Sheltie Rescue

So you want to adopt a Sheltie? Shelties are great dogs. They are not for everyone so please read our page titled "The Sheltie Breed" if you've never owned a Shetland Sheepdog.

The first step in the adoption process is to submit an application online. We will acknowledge receipt of the application within a few days by email and then you will receive a phone call from a volunteer, who will then review the application with you. Following that, a home visit will be set up when one of our volunteers will come to your home to meet you and your family. This is done for every applicant so that we have the information we need to make the best placement in your home.

Finally, when a dog is available that may be a good match, we will contact you and set up a time to meet the dog. Should the dog seem like a good match, you will complete an adoption contract and pay an adoption fee currently set at $225. Although there may be a dog on the available dog page that you like, they may not be best suited for your family. You can always contact us about a dog you see if you have questions.

Adopting a dog is a huge responsibility. Make sure everyone in your household agrees that it is the right time to bring a new member into the family, one you may have for many years and through many changes. If you know you will have a big change in your life coming up, consider waiting to adopt.