We are excited to announce that Arizona Sheltie Rescue and Southwest Collie rescue  have joined forces to form the new Southwest Collie and Sheltie Rescue, Inc. The decision to merge operations came by careful thought and unanimous agreement of both Boards of Directors for many reasons. We’d like to share the reasons behind this decision with you, as we move forward to help rescue Collies and Shelties in our combined service area.



Southwest Collie rescue started in New Mexico, its mission to rescue purebred rough and smooth collies in need. There was no collie rescue in AZ, and no Sheltie rescue in NM. Consequently, there were times that SWCR responded to the needs of Collies and Shelties outside of their “service area” sometimes even in west Texas, when other Texas rescues were far.

AZ Sheltie rescue was formed about ten years ago, and their mission was to help Shelties in AZ. As rescues often do, contact was made between AZ Sheltie rescue and SWCR when collies or Shelties were at risk in their overlapping areas. Those initial contacts grew and lines were blurred when resources began to be shared.

Fabulous volunteers from both organizations began to volunteer in both organizations. Leadership in both organizations became more intertwined with three Arizona Sheltie Rescue directors also becoming Southwest Collie Rescue directors. With leaders having positions in both organizations, rescue policies and practices were also mutually adopted.

In short, we were largely operating two comparable organizations with similar practices, scope and mission. We realized that there was now a lot of redundancy in manpower and costs. Larger expenditures such as insurance and website costs could be cut in half, giving us more money to take care of the dogs in need. Volunteers, who were willing to help both breeds, gave us a larger manpower pool for fostering, transport and fundraising events. Maintaining one database and one website and Facebook page would also afford leadership and volunteers the time to work on other things by essentially cutting this work in half. Finally, by combining our organizations, we double our opportunity to secure funding through grants and reimbursement opportunities. For all these reasons, merging made good “business” sense.

For the past several months, the group’s leadership has been working through the myriad of regulatory and other requirements to make the change happen. We have a new website WWW.SWCSRESCUE.COM  and logo. We will redirect users of the oldwebsites to the new websites for a few months.

We are pleased that all directors of both Arizona Sheltie Rescue and Southwest Collie Rescue will be active in Southwest Collie and Sheltie Rescue, Inc. This means that a wealth of organizational and rescue knowledge will be present in Southwest Collie and Sheltie Rescue, Inc and ensure that the new group will have minimal disruption to it’s operations nor materially change our successful, and well-regarded, rescue process.

While the rescue leadership is doing all it can to position itself for the future and maximize it’s limited resources, we still expect and need the generous volunteer and financial support that has previously characterized both groups. The current situation of significantly spending more on the rescues than we

receive through adoption fees will continue. Please continue your donations as well as volunteer help in transporting, fostering, attending events, alerting us to at-risk shelties and collies, etc. In fact, consider expanding your assistance and we would be happy to talk to you about current needs.

In summarizing, with your help Southwest Collie and Sheltie Rescue, Inc looks forward to assisting all at-risk shelties in Arizona, New Mexico, southwest Texas, and beyond.Type your paragraph here.